How to release the power of Strategic thinking

To become a better strategic thinker able to formulate and implement plans that will achieve the desired objective, take the following guidelines to heart:

  1. Break down the issue
  2. Ask why before how
  3. Identify the real issues and objections
  4. Review your Resources
  5. Develop your plan
  6. Put the right people in the right place
  7. Keep repeating the process




Strategic thinking is like Showering, you have to keep doing it. If you except to solve any major problem once your in for a disappointment. Little things can be won easily through systems and personal discipline. But major issues need major strategic thinking time.

If you want to become a effective strategic thinker, then you need to become a continuous strategic thinker.

The Will to win is worthless if you don’t have the will to prepare.


Integrated Thinking for the Future

The Human min was designed for the dynamic integrated thinking, not static routine thinking. People get in routine ruts because their integrated thinking and motivational drives~ their upward spirals~ got disintegrated by the world around them dominated with resignation and routine or specialized thinking. It all goes back to our mind of the past that was a follower and not a self-leader like our minds of the future. The reason integrated thinking brings back your motivational drive is that it opens up your future and removes stagnation ~ the way humans are so post to live their live. Through integrated thinking and only through integrated thinking, the puzzle pieces of knowledge start coming together to build a puzzle picture, which is when the motivation kicks in.