The Art Of Communication-Can Set You Free

The Art of Communication Can Set You Free.

The Art of communication

Communication is one of our most powerful tools we have as spirits living as humans on this planet. With Practice The Art of communication can set you free.

When strengthening your communication skills and growing in maturity therein, there are some things to consider:

  1. Don’t lash out prematurely regarding your opinion. As in do not through daggers while trying to communicate with a loved one or even an acquaintance, just trying to get your point across. This will accumulate karma in your fifth chakra (Communication ~ Throat Chakra) Do not emotionally through your garbage around during a time of communication.


  1. Practice being mindful of your thoughts before you choose to speak your words while in and during communication with another. This will build maturity in your communication skills.

While communicating to another in a mature manner~ acknowledge their reality and determine the level of intellect the other is in, so that when you speak, you are in compliance with what they are willing to except. In other words find the common denominator, the command reality in which they are familiar with while speaking. This is a rare art now days! But it will enhance your ability to become a powerful speaker with others.

This is a powerful Ability not every one has but if applied this is amazingly potent in the art of communication.

Most people are trapped in a low level of communication not because they are stupid or not smart but because of the society that is being pushed onto us as kids. We have been let down you can say. Too truly become strong in skill in the art of communication we have not been taught. As a man that has been born in the US, I wish this was not true, but it seems that it is from the view from my eyes.

How To Enter The Freedom-The Freedom To Life

The best way I can describe how to enter the freedom is as follows.

How To Enter The Freedom

How To Enter The Freedom

The idea of life is to be free as it is the natural state of a spirit. On this planet most of us are slaves to a reality that is not our own. I can only see it as a reality that is enforced upon us.


So to learn how to enter the freedom one must learn to let go of all illusions that are supporting this enforced reality that keeps us in chains on a mental, spiritual, physical and emotional level. These forced and false realities that symbolize chains can alter and damage our joy of life.


But there is a way to become free and enter a freedom from these chains that have been enforced upon us since birth.

It takes great practice just like and vary similar to a lifestyle of a monk in a monastery preparing his or her whole life to enter this freedom.

But its now 2017 and we as humans now more then ever have the chance and ability to enter the freedom that normally has only been achieved in such places as monastery’s, caves, under ground taverns and isolated mountain tops.


So vary simply the best way to describe  is to let go of all illusions you hold in your mind, body and soul.


This can be difficult but it can be done. There are illusions inside of illusions that go so deep that with out a guide, one can lose them selves if they have never before had any previous training in such esoteric practices.


This journey is a lifestyle. For once you start, you begin to see the truth on How to enter the freedom. I hope to see you on the path soon. The path to freedom.