Why Helping Others Is The Greatest Thing In The World

Why Helping Others is the greatest thing in the world!

why helping others is the greatest thing in the world

Why Helping Others is the greatest thing in the world… When you can help some one in what every way you can it’s the most amazing feeling ever! You get such joy and happiness from it, why is that you may ask?

Well love and happiness is our natural state as being’s and when we can share this valuable emotion with others by providing help to others and we see that its actually has helped another it also helps our selves.

This is a win win situation; this is why Helping Others is the greatest thing in the world. Because it’s healing to ones self to share what we know and watch it make a difference in some one else’s life.

We can actually grow from watching some one else grow from the help we had provided and the change that we where able to help apply to another.

Although an individual is responsible for their own self-growth and maturity, they are always more then welcomed to ask for assistance in the lesson they are working on and trying to learn or over comes. So if you are able to provide that assistance at just the right time, for just the right reason when the individual is searching and asking for help and you are that one who provides the help then it brings much joy to life knowing you where able to do such a good deed.

These kinds of deeds makes life so enjoyable , these kinds of deeds is why helping others is the greatest thing in the world.

So next time you feel you can help some one who is asking for help and you know you can assist in helping some one on their path take a step in life then act on your intuition because the fruit is in the act of giving! The greatest game in the world is helping others.

I hope this helps you understand why helping others is the greatest thing in the world.

Why Creating Your Own Business Is Good For Your Health

Why Creating Your Own Business Is Good For Your Health

Why Creating Your Own Business Is Good For Your Health

Creating your own business can really be good for your health.

Not only will you have the chance to make a living doing what you love but you will also put your self in a position to create a healthy body by adding exhilaration to it when creating your own business. This is Why Creating Your Own Business Is Good For Your Health

You see when a person decides to create their own business doing what they love they will at the same time be creating something that they value that at the same time will create value for others as long as what they are creating is truly valuable for them selfs.

There will always be others that are interested in the same thing as you, so there will always be a market for what ever it is you create. People will always value what you create because they will have an interest in that witch you are creating for your self.

The more you create your business the more exhilaration you will add to your life, the higher your vibration will raise and when you live in a high vibration your body will have an immune system that will keep the body in good health.

This is really an amazing thing.

When the body enters a higher vibration from doing what you love day in and day out adding exhilaration to your life, you will notice that you will naturally want and desire foods that add life to your body rather then dead foods that just fills the stomach. Healthy alive foods will begin to taste better then dead foods that use to taste just as good until the shift of more self awareness.

Self Made Leaders Think For Themselves

Self Made Leaders Think For Themselves

Self Made Leaders Think For Themselves

I am an advocate of thinking for your self and I have always had the natural innate traits of being a self-made leader not knowing that Self Made Leaders Think For Themselves.

Most people now days have forgotten what it truly means too truly think for their selves and because of that they become stagnant when it comes time to step into becoming a self made leader. This is why most have such a hard time just to start up their own business .

We are so use to following orders and doing what we are told that we have come ignorant to the fact that we mimic and mock up who we hang around the most. What I’m saying is that if you spend 8 hours a day at a job with a bunch of other people that are “not” like minded then to a degree you will become like them in ways that you won’t  fully realize. You will to a degree mold your self to think and behave like these others that you surround your self with and in that concept you will lose the true skill to truly think for your self. Just because you have been made to think that you must spend 8 hours a day to make a living and doing something that you may not truly enjoy doing. I hope that’s not the case for you though. I hope you do truly do what you love to do for making a livelihood.

Any ways lets say after your 9-5 you spend a few hours with your friends or your buddy’s, you will mold your self to the way that the group of you and your friends have adapted to become. So there is another aspect of not truly thinking for your self because now you have group agreements to think in the way the group has chosen to think like and act like.

This is how people stop them selves from the true ability to think for them selves and stop them selves from becoming a self-made leader.

The idea in thinking for your self is what will guide you to become a self made leader and when you start to become a self made leader you can and will learn to takes steps on the path of becoming a finically successful person at what ever it is you truly want to become successful in doing. Self Made Leaders Think For Themselves ! 

There is power in thinking for your self and there is power in being a self-made leader

Meditation And The Path to Success

Meditation And The Path to Success

How does meditation and the path to success relate to one another ? I will explain. As we become aware of what it is we want and don’t want in life, we start to dream of the life we always wanted. This happens naturally, because as humans we are always wanting to grow and to learn.

As we dream of the life we always wanted and we did this dreaming best as kids. But as adults we are programmed to go against the grain, instead pursuing what we know is not our path. This is resistance and this planet is set up for us to resist everything. But it wasn’t always like this. In fact, the planet is naturally set up to bring us into a state where we are momentarily experience non-resistance. The differences between flowing down stream with the current and swimming up stream against the current becomes evident with meditation and the path to success.

We stop resisting when we stare at the water while its running down the stream (we zone out), while we stop to view the passing clouds above us (we zone out), and while we stop to feel the wind blow through our hair during a windy day (we zone out). These are a few moments that can remind us to be in present time. These are moments that remind us about non-resistance. These are moments that remind us How powerful/useful meditation truly is.

This is what meditation is and this is why it is so important to practice meditation. Meditation is the art of non-resistance. It allows us to practice being in the flow of life rather then resisting the flow of life. A person can leap over many hurdles in life by practicing meditation and developing the skill of non-resistance.

Meditation and the path to success

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Success is not a big house or luxury car. Success is found in living the life that you actually desire. Meditation helps us see through what society wants for our lives, and instead realize what we want out of life.

It allows us to practice accepting what it is that we want without resistance, giving us more options and freedom to mold and sculpt the life we wanted all along.

This is the gift of meditation and why it is so important to practice it on our path to success.

Discover Your True Self

Discover Your True Self

When a persons become who they where went to be, Your True Self, life starts to open up in ways they couldn’t imagine, this is what is means to Discover Your True Self. When they step into being that person they start to enjoy the extraordinary gifts life has to offer. They start to enjoy Health, Wealth, an exhilarating livelihood, beautiful love for life and an amazing intelligence.

Discover Your True Self

Every body has a door that leads to the person they where meant to be, its just a matter of finding it. Once found they will begin to start living. Most people are alive but because they never really are in the top few percent of people who have stepped thru their own door to the person they where meant to be , they never really start living , they are just simply alive in a world that continues to move forward weather they do or not.

When a person can focus with great joy for what they are doing they will naturally experience happiness, health, wealth and prosperity in life. This kind of focus is the kind thet a person will experiences when they truly step through the door to the person they where meant to be, in discovering your true self. That is why most successful entrepreneur become so successful is because they have stepped through the door to the person they where meant to be.Discover Your True Self

To discover the person you were meant to be I want to bring you back to when you where a child. As a kid we always dreamt of becoming something that we knew would be a lot of fun in life. We would play as if we where what we wanted to be. It was all in our mind. We acted out as a child as if we where already that person. We became our thoughts. As a child we didn’t know the difference. It was real to us.

That is how you will find the door to the person you where meant to be in life. That is where the secret lie’s in becoming a person who enjoys a life full of love and abundance. If you just simply allow your mind to recall the point in life as a child, to visualize the moment you where most happy doing what you love while you where young and free, you will remember where to find that door for you to open.maxresdefault

Once you open the door, the journey to become the person you where meant to be is an exciting and amazing adventure. I wish for you to have the life you always wanted and to discover your true self.

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