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Why I am Staying Home on New Year’s Eve | Focusing on My Goals for 2023

As the clock counts down to the new year, many people are making plans to celebrate with friends, attend parties, or travel to exciting destinations. But for me, staying home on New Year’s Eve to focus on my goals for 2023 is more appealing. If you’re considering spending the evening at home this year, you’re […]

The Online Business Model

Building Your Online Business Model Step by Step Lesson 2, going exactly through the model of how to build a online business, serving a specific group of people. When we serve a specific group of people, that means that we’ve got a brand. And that means that we’ve got a brand that could be scaled […]

Everything is a Brand

Lesson 1: Brand Yourself Because Branding is Everything Lesson number one. In this first lesson I want to give you one insight and that is, everything is a brand. Everything is a brand. Everything that you buy, that you look at, the coffee you drink, the computer you use, the desk, your video camera. Everything […]

How to let go of life

Why is it important to know “How to let go of life” ? Because we as humans grip onto it with so much attention that we can harm our selves with a lack of joy for life. This can and will make you sick. I know because this is something i am working on growing […]

Developing Your Self Awareness

The best way to develop your self awareness is by meditation. Although there is more to developing  your self awareness then just by meditation. Meditation is a great starting point. People naturally step into self awareness as it is a part of evolution. There are some people who require understanding of what they are doing […]