How to let go of life

Why is it important to know “How to let go of life” ?

Because we as humans grip onto it with so much attention that we can harm our selves with a lack of joy for life. This can and will make you sick.

I know because this is something i am working on growing out of right now.

But i do believe that if i truly let go of attachment to any thing and everything, i will be able to have the life i truly want to live. As long as i hold a high degree of ethics as i learn to let life go, i will allow my self to truly live life with true freedom  and all i really want in life is Freedom.

I noticed that in my life through accusation with other people i learned how to become fixed and attached to concepts and beliefs that have not truly served me. Maybe it serves the person who passed it onto me but it only made me confused and disoriented on my path in life.

This is why learning “how to let go of life” can be applicable in your own life. For some times your path in life needs a degree of freedom just to tap into your purpose in life. I think millions of millennial are facing this exact issue right now ! this is one of the biggest problems we are facing today on this planet! its this kind of FREEDOM we are looking for as the new caretakers of the planet. For the ones before us have left us a mess to deal with 🙁

So if you are unhappy in life, a good remedy is to let life go but to hold and keep your ethics as you  do so.

Definition Of Ethics : 

  The Act Or Acts That Increase The Survival Of Yourself And Those That You Love.

One Description Of That Is :  Taking Steps That Increase Your Awareness Spiritually . Taking Steps Financially To Increase Viability, Growth and Maturity , Gaining And Learning Knowledge Because It Would Also Increase The Survival Of Your Family Or Friends. 

If you ever feel stagnant in life, just let life go , Meditate, visualize and feel how it feels to have what you want, go over concepts and considerations that make you feel good and free of stagnation.

And its a Winnaz

Yours Truly

Mendel Creager….. PEACE

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