Meditation And The Path to Success

How does meditation and the path to success relate to one another ? I will explain. As we become aware of what it is we want and don’t want in life, we start to dream of the life we always wanted. This happens naturally, because as humans we are always wanting to grow and to learn.

As we dream of the life we always wanted and we did this dreaming best as kids. But as adults we are programmed to go against the grain, instead pursuing what we know is not our path. This is resistance and this planet is set up for us to resist everything. But it wasn’t always like this. In fact, the planet is naturally set up to bring us into a state where we are momentarily experience non-resistance. The differences between flowing down stream with the current and swimming up stream against the current becomes evident with meditation and the path to success.

We stop resisting when we stare at the water while its running down the stream (we zone out), while we stop to view the passing clouds above us (we zone out), and while we stop to feel the wind blow through our hair during a windy day (we zone out). These are a few moments that can remind us to be in present time. These are moments that remind us about non-resistance. These are moments that remind us How powerful/useful meditation truly is.

This is what meditation is and this is why it is so important to practice meditation. Meditation is the art of non-resistance. It allows us to practice being in the flow of life rather then resisting the flow of life. A person can leap over many hurdles in life by practicing meditation and developing the skill of non-resistance.

Meditation and the path to success

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Success is not a big house or luxury car. Success is found in living the life that you actually desire. Meditation helps us see through what society wants for our lives, and instead realize what we want out of life.

It allows us to practice accepting what it is that we want without resistance, giving us more options and freedom to mold and sculpt the life we wanted all along.

This is the gift of meditation and why it is so important to practice it on our path to success.

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