Self Made Leaders Think For Themselves

Self Made Leaders Think For Themselves I am an advocate of thinking for your self and I have always had the natural innate traits of being a self-made leader not knowing that Self Made Leaders Think For Themselves. Most people now days have forgotten what it truly means too truly think for their selves and because […]

Meditation And The Path to Success

Meditation And The Path to Success How does meditation and the path to success relate to one another ? I will explain. As we become aware of what it is we want and don’t want in life, we start to dream of the life we always wanted. This happens naturally, because as humans we are always wanting […]

Discover Your True Self

Discover Your True Self When a persons become who they where went to be, Your True Self, life starts to open up in ways they couldn’t imagine, this is what is means to Discover Your True Self. When they step into being that person they start to enjoy the extraordinary gifts life has to offer. They […]

Becoming Financially Free

Becoming Financially Free is a choice ! The best way on the path to Becoming Financially Free is to leverage your time like it’s the last moment you have. To look at the moment as if it’s the most important moment of your life! Embody that moment and make it your’s , do not give it up […]

How to release the power of Strategic thinking

To become a better strategic thinker able to formulate and implement plans that will achieve the desired objective, take the following guidelines to heart: Break down the issue Ask why before how Identify the real issues and objections Review your Resources Develop your plan Put the right people in the right place Keep repeating the […]

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