Integrated Thinking for the Future

The Human mind was designed for the dynamic integrated thinking, not static routine thinking. People get in routine ruts because their integrated thinking and motivational drives~ their upward spirals~ got disintegrated by the world around them dominated with resignation and routine or specialized thinking. It all goes back to our mind of the past that […]

The Birth of Imagination by Jason Silva~Shots of Awe

AWE yes

80’s baby

grew up in the 90’s but born in the 80’s

Kranium- Lifestyle

Something new to listen too ~Kranium- Lifestyle Tell me what you guys think of Kranium ? I think he from Brooklyn NY…

There is a Way !

I believe there is a way to be my own authority in life, To live by high ethics and be a value creator. A free Man ! Free to think how i want to think, to be how i want to be, and to live how i want to live , to go where i […]

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