Self Made Leaders Think For Themselves

I am an advocate of thinking for your self and I have always had the natural innate traits of being a self-made leader not knowing that Self Made Leaders Think For Themselves.

Most people now days have forgotten what it truly means too truly think for their selves and because of that they become stagnant when it comes time to step into becoming a self made leader. This is why most have such a hard time just to start up their own business .

We are so use to following orders and doing what we are told that we have come ignorant to the fact that we mimic and mock up who we hang around the most. What I’m saying is that if you spend 8 hours a day at a job with a bunch of other people that are “not” like minded then to a degree you will become like them in ways that you won’t  fully realize. You will to a degree mold your self to think and behave like these others that you surround your self with and in that concept you will lose the true skill to truly think for your self. Just because you have been made to think that you must spend 8 hours a day to make a living and doing something that you may not truly enjoy doing. I hope that’s not the case for you though. I hope you do truly do what you love to do for making a livelihood.

Any ways lets say after your 9-5 you spend a few hours with your friends or your buddy’s, you will mold your self to the way that the group of you and your friends have adapted to become. So there is another aspect of not truly thinking for your self because now you have group agreements to think in the way the group has chosen to think like and act like.

This is how people stop them selves from the true ability to think for them selves and stop them selves from becoming a self-made leader.

The idea in thinking for your self is what will guide you to become a self made leader and when you start to become a self made leader you can and will learn to takes steps on the path of becoming a finically successful person at what ever it is you truly want to become successful in doing. Self Made Leaders Think For Themselves ! 

There is power in thinking for your self and there is power in being a self-made leader

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